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Do Not Buy Or Sell Another Penny Stock Until You Read THIS REPORT!

Do Not Buy Or Sell Another
Penny Stock Until You Read



Read This Book Now and Change Your Life!

You will be in control of your money, by allowing yourself to have the information that the pros use to pick and trade winning penny stocks. This book is not going to tell you what stocks to buy. It is going tell you how to use the insider information of the pros to find those stocks for yourself. 

You will be shocked and amazed at what you are about to read. Whether you currently trade penny stocks or are interested in getting started in penny stock trading then this book is for you.

But first let me introduce myself.  My name is Jordan Scott.  I’ve been involved in the stock market for over 16 years.  But there is something you must know:  

I did not write the information contained in this book. I have partnered with top experts in the field of Penny Stock investing to have this book published.

Like I said before I have been in the investment business for over 16 years, and there is absolutely no way that I would ever have been able to come up with the killer strategies contained in this book all myself.

I also have a confession to make:  After all of those years of being a so-called investment professional,

I Had No Idea Of How To Really Pick A Winning Penny Stock! 
(You will find this to be true of most stockbrokers)


. . . Until I read this book.

Here’s more of what You will discover:

The insider secrets to making money through reverse mergers.
How to use a little known stock screener to lead you to the winners.
How the pros spot turnaround stocks.
A seven step formula for doing research on penny stocks. Its easy, if you know this simple formula.
How to find winning penny stock using 6 simple steps.
How to increase the effectiveness of your trading using a technique which has been around for years, but most penny stock insiders have never heard of it.
Six proven strategies for picking penny stock that are practically forced to go up.
Four key question you need to answer before you place a trade the answers can increase you winning trades by 300%.
The one simple trick for taking a profit, all the pros use it, do you?
Avoid the biggest mistake in trading penny stocks, do you know what it is?
The secret weapon of trading the Pink Sheets, if you don’t use it, then you are wasting your time.
How to save massive amounts of time when contacting companies by doing this one simple thing.
How to dramatically reduce the chances of buying a losing stock buy using one simple technique.
Never miss another takeover bid by using the little know yet extremely effective email service.
Learn 13 proven penny stock trading strategies, find out why these are the best trading techniques period. and why using these techniques may very well be the best thing that will ever happen to you.
Exactly how you can take your penny stock portfolio from $1000.00 to $40,000 without putting another penny into it
Discover 7 news services that will tell you what mergers will happen.
How to quickly and easily double your winning trades.
A secret formula for determining what OTC shells will attract a hot deal.

Four ingenious way to track insider movement.

An incredible method of get the large intuitions to protect your trading profits.

Where to find dozens of turnaround candidates.

4 quick tips for beating the market makers that get results every time.




Read This Book Now and Change Your Life!


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